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Swivel: no token authentication platform

You can access your data whenever, wherever and however you want.

Itprovides the highest protection. The authentication solution will be developed on demand. The platform uses leader proprietary technology for Web, voice and SMS applications.

Flexible, scalable, secure

Swivel is a platform without token authentication, flexible and certified. It improves management and security network. Whatever are the security challenges that your business is facing, Swivel allows customizing perfectly the solution that best meets your needs.


PINsafe combines the use of registered PIN codes with 10 random digits safety chains that the user receives through SMS messages in mobile applications, by phone or in the browser. By combining these numbers with the personal and non-transferable staff code, which each employee knows by heart, it creates a unique access code, which puts you in the center of the multi-factor authentication process. PINsafe checksthe authentication answer without using the traditional token.

You can find more information about this technology features in the brochure. There is an on line demo available.

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