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CNE, Venezuela

CNE, Venezuela

Services: Integrated platform for citizen authentication
Solution: Integrated Authentication System
Industry: Public Administration
Country: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

CNE (acronym for National Electoral Council) is the entity responsible for organizing and executing all electoral processes in Venezuela.

One citizen, one vote

Ex-Clé implemented an integral solution to support fingerprint capture, storage, search and matching processes for all Venezuelan citizens and foreign residents habilitated to vote. A future system expansion will support civil registration processes, including minors.

Ex-Clé services included hardware provision, the new biometric platform database software and biometric servers MegaMatcher Accelerator, from Neurotechnology Company. The customer requested a system flexible, easy to operate, without restrictions on the number of fingerprints or clients, maintenance-free and certified staff training to operate it.

Fingerprint migration service

During the project early stages Ex-Clé SA consolidated the fingerprint database of Venezuelan citizens from two independent sources. The process involved comparing the duplicate records, selecting the best quality fingerprint and a fingerprintexpert team to analyze the applications required manual review.

At the end of the process, CNE received a platform the entity fully control, without restrictions concerning the amount of customers or database records, with support for 10 fingers and face of each Venezuelan citizen. Its matching speed is over 100 million templates per second.

The system was first used with great success during the presidential elections of October 2012. Since then it is used for all elections organized by the CNE.


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