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Bank of Venezuela

Bank of Venezuela

Service: Identity biometric system
Solution: Cyclops Identity
Industry: Public Bank
Country: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

In 2013 thanks to the implementation of biometric controls in the Bank of Venezuela, the institution has been able to avoid several cases of personal identity fraud. The system is still in operation.

Civil identification

Bank of Venezuela is banking & financial institution with headquarters in Caracas and more than 400 branches throughout the country. Its mission is to guarantee to all Venezuelans the access to products, services and banking programs, to promote financial inclusion and to provide financial impetus to the strategic sectors for the country development.

By the application of Cyclops Identity integrated with banking systems in more than 5,000 customer service desks, this solution could perform the identification of citizens who wanted to do any types of banking transactions, whether they are or not customers of the bank. This was achieved through an agreement with the National Electoral Council which provided all the minutiae of people with biometric registration in the country (Venezuelan and foreigners). A second phase contemplated the implementation of these technologies in more than 2,000 ATMs.


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