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Methodological framework

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Customer satisfaction and team development is what motivates us to increase our dedication in each project.

Throughout his entire trajectory Ex-Clé SAhas being known for its efficient and innovative development methodologies application and project management. This, added to its specific tools and resources, allowed the company to carry out IT projects of various kinds, size and complexity.

Ex-Clé SA is aware that the processes we apply should be evaluated and constantly updated. This leads to review each process and activity that add value, and update those that are inefficient. This procedure ensures the continuous improvement of our methodology.

Each project is unique, so it is mandatory to study its phases and the desired result in order to establish the processes to be implemented and to achieve the goals.

Based on PMI (Project Management Institute) methodology,  we have developed a “toolbox” of processes, tools and templates. These tools are tested, adapted and applied to each project according its size, complexity and risk associated to the goals to reach.

Our software development life cycle

We adapt to changes as something natural in each project and we understand the dynamic needs of our customers.

For many years we have implemented unified flow process for software development. Then we moved towards the implementation of agile methodologies, ensuring customer satisfaction through a rapid useful software delivery.

We defined a set of standards for our products and services, which are carefully evaluated by our quality assurance team (QA).

This team also evaluates and recommends development process and quality control processes improvements.

Reengineering Solutions

Reengineering ensures costs reduction and processes shortens and providesadd value to our clients. The reengineering process application requires a thorough analysis of the client’s business processes. The analysis seeks to find bottlenecks and identify activities that are inefficient or can be simplified. Then we offer a new model using BPMN,  whichconsiders processes improvements, performance measurement and software tools that automate and simplify the business process.

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