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Multibiometric Solutions

Ex Clé offer the option of hiring its services when the infrastructure investment cost is not profitable.

Cyclops AFIS is a flexible and robust tool for law enforcement. It is based on a Client-Server Architecture that uses one of the most power full matching engines available.

The AFIS main inputs are the 10 fingerprint files and the latent fingerprint files stored in every institutionconnected with law enforcement.

Cyclops Identity is the new Ex-Clé SA biometric data verification platform. It has Client / Server components that allow verification service implementation for different applications.

Cyclops Civil is Ex-Clé SA solution for private or public civilian institutions that want to automate the fingerprint and face identification process from live fingerprint scanners and standard cameras. It can be easily integrate with existing applications.

Cyclops Penitentiary is a biometric system designed for access and egress control of detainees, staff, providers and visitors injails, penitentiaries and prisons, among others.

It includes survey and analysis of each particular aspect of every process associated with people identification used by the client and all the possible variants.

AFIS Multibiometric Multipurpose Server (AMMS) is a fingerprint and face server design for systems that integrate multiple purposes. It is designed to accompany the technological evolution of the institutions.

This server allows keeping a fingerprint and face database. It can also implement enrollment, modification, elimination, verification 1:1 or matching 1: N services.

We present below a short selection based on our 15 years’ experience along witch we tested dozens of scannersand on a cost / performance ratio.

Cyclops Net Check WEB provides a web interface to Cyclops biometric engine.

Cyclops Surveillance is a database searching and identification face system. The search and matching can be performed from a person video stream or still image.

The system operates with configurable tolerance parameters that give flexibility to a search made from a poor quality image or without user collaboration.

These are our Main Services designed to meet your needs

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